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Andrew Brook

Andrew Brook

I'm a User Experience & interface designer with 17+ years experience.

My work covers conceptualisation to building and / or prototyping of online / mobile applications & websites, implementation, deployment and post launch support.

I provide idea generation, user experience design, concept development and prototypes for the next generation of products and services.

I meet with the end users to research and understand their specific needs and goals then conceptualise, review and refine rich user experiences.

Specialising in front end development (HTML/5, CSS/3 & jQuery), I also work with and support other developers to integrate designs, front-end developments and prototypes and with their in house applications as well as open source Content Management Systems (CMS).


Intelligent user experience design

Creating custom responsive design solutions to work with your existing assets, style guides and technology.




Selected Clients


Follow are just a few of my selected career achievements, if you’d like more info or to see a full resume please contact me.


Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry​ (VECCI)

Working as Senior Digital Web Producer managing the organisations websites with a strong focus on content strategy, gaining insights into customer segments and designing personalised experiences.



Chief Technology Office

Senior user experience designer for Telstra’s Chief Technology Office and Innovation, specialising in design and prototyping of new proof of concepts and innovative new products. Strong focus on Desktop - Tablet - Mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT).

Won the Telstra Hackathon

The Telstra Challenge Cup was to deliver a solution to a defined problem that drives value for a Telstra asset, community or team.

Teams: 18
Participants: 50

Our winning entry: Cloud reciepts

A working prototype to aggregate digital receipts emailed to your inbox. Receipts could be managed via a dashboard installed as a chrome browser extension, a CSV file could be exported for accounting purposes if required.

Our team:

  • Business Champion
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Developer
  • UX / UI Specialist (Me)
    Also responsible for prototype front-end development.

CPA Australia

Senior UX Designer for a CPA transformation, ​leading the User Experience Design and Front-end development within a team of 30+. A business critical project with evolving user scenarios, growing complexity, scope and extensions, working closely with tech leads, project manager, BA’s and business stakeholders to redesign and rebuild a complete new member application, booking and online shopping system across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.


Metricon homes

Complete redesign and rebuild of the website. The site was designed with a greater focus on SEO, improved user experience, keeping people on the site longer and facilitating contact with the company.

Result: The new website doubled user traffic and doubled time on site.



Front end developer for


Goldman Sachs JBWere

Full redesigns and front end development of Internet, Private wealth management and Intranet sites.


Bigpond homepage

Redesign of the Bigpond homepage on behalf of Sensis.


15 websites in 30 weeks - designed, built and delivered.


Australian ARMY

Senior Multimedia Designer for the “Tiger- Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter” sub-contracted by Halliburton KBR to provide computer-based training on the Tiger aircraft for the Australian Army.


Unable to provide my full portfolio publicly but here are a few pieces. More to come soon.
Mobile design Mobile design

Air NETUX / Application concept

Mobile Tablet Desktop

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Mobile design Mobile design

Mobile news applicationUX / UI Design

Mobile Tablet Desktop

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Mobile design Mobile design

Mobile booking applicationUX / UI Design

Mobile Tablet

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Mobile design Mobile design

Outdoor event applicationUX / UI Design

Mobile Tablet

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For more portfolio visit:

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Air NET was a new concept in home Internet setup and configuration, a complete Customer Design Experience (CXD) to provide a simple intuitive solution to replace the overly complex and often daunting setup experience, from instore purchase, set-up, configuration as required and support.

The solution was to be provided on a mobile device via a downloaded application or desktop is preferred.

Allowing simple step by step profile building via the on boarding process plus receipt scanning to access and input complex information.

The application allows for the configuration of multiple member profiles providing time and data allowances and additional IOT (Internet of things) management.

The system also provided advanced configuration options if required.

Mobile design Mobile design
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Mobile news application

An aggregation application gathering company related information in the news and social media as well as Intranet articles and newsletters all in one place.

The application was configurable to the needs of the user.

Mobile design Mobile design
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Mobile booking application

This is a summarised view of an future based concept allowing you to book certain technology enabled accommodation and pre-configure certain features of the accommodation via a mobile device.

The application uses NFC (near field communication) on your phone to provide room access and also provides an itemised list of expenses for the account.

Mobile design Mobile design
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Outdoor event application

This was a concept to highlight the benefits of outdoor sensor technology to provide current and future information for outdoor events.

The application allowed a user to review certain event information, dates and times, to provide ticket booking and digital receipt for entry.

Specifically the concept was used to illustrate benefits environmental sensors placed in the community and the ability to report local weather conditions for the event.

Mobile design Mobile design